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Top 5 Image Optimization WordPress Plugins in 2017 Udaipur Web Designer

Image Optimization WordPress Plugins

When it comes to website’s speed, images are the most important factor behind website loading time. Google and other search engines give high preference to web pages that are highly optimized for speed.

As a larger number of people have started to use mobile and tablets to browse websites, users hate to wait for websites which take more time to load. Based on current technology trend, it’s better to enhance loading time of website before you lose your customers.

Images are the most important factor behind website load time as they are good for explaining things quickly and can also be used as a content enhancer.

However, having lots of images in your content can slow down the loading speed of your web page considerably. A slow loading website will make you lose your customers.

So, it becomes very critical to optimize images on your website to make sure that your website loads fast for your visitors, and you can achieve higher search engine rankings.

Today I am going to tell some of the fantastic WordPress plugins that you can use to optimize images on your website and to enhance the overall loading speed of your website.


This plugin grants you the ability to utilize image optimization individually, or in bulk. With this plugin, you are able to compress .jpeg, .gif and .png images, using dedicated servers. The free edition of this allows you to compress images which are sized <1mb, whist the pro edition can compress images up to <5mb. It does all of this without the image quality deteriorating, as well as being able to compress newly uploaded images in the background automatically.

PB Responsive Images

This plugin takes the style of responsive text, and applies it to images. You are able to make images look great on screens of all sizes. It reformats your images to feel extremely responsive, and it improves the overall quality of your site.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin can be ran on your own server, which gets rid of the waiting time for third party servers to process your requests. It has arguably the best .jpg and .png optimization, which integrates JPEGmini. It can also find the smallest file format for images to be converted to. In addition to this, you are able to optimize images individually as well as in bulk. These things will make your page load faster, and backups will be smooth.


Hammy is a plugin which takes your site’s images and reproduces them to make smaller sized images. The size of the image depends on your content width, as the plugin dynamically changes it. This plugin is extremely useful, as it provides a better experience on mobile, as well as on a desktop.

Media File Renamer

This plugin lets you rename your images by updating their titles. It can also change the links in your posts automatically, saving hassle. If used in conjunction with relevant keywords, your SEO will be boosted a lot.

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